Olympic Glory
This is a blog to document the London Olympics through the eyes of some of London's most ploppy illustrators.

Although not as ploppy as the people that did the official graphics.

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Face first fastness
Winter Olympics Glory
Russia vs USA Ice Hockey
Awooga! 80s legends!
by Matthew Hollings
Relay. Representative of the continuous cycle of life and the passing down of knowledge from generation to generation.
By Joe Kirton
100m photofinish, if you like. This is going to be a print that you can buy off me.
By Joe Kirton
when i realised i had been suckered by a google image search and had wrongly captioned an image as chauncey billups - i felt pretty bad, let me tell you.
so, here is another picture of the big man. 
this time he is making a giant great leap in the air on behalf of us all, so we don’t have to bother.
if you see him, give my apologies to chauncey
by gee
Sitting in pants drawing a hurdler. This is living.
By Jesse Richards
Big girl throw stone. Eat cake. Take steroids. Maybe.
By Jesse Richards
Another pole vault one. Eagle eyed viewers may notice how the artist continues his theme of masculine faces on female athletes.
By Jesse Richards
clap…. clap…. clap clap clap clap clapclapclapclapclapclap…
pace pace pace pace jog jog jog jog run run run run RUN RUNNNNNN
Pole Vault
By Jesse Richards
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